The Website Installer located in our Thexyz Inc Control Panel will provide you with a fast and easy way to generate a brand–new web site along with a custom web design in just 5 minutes. It merely requires only 4 basic steps for your new website to be on the Internet. You’ll be able to select from more than 200 available website themes and as soon as it’s ready, you’ll be able to maintain your brand–new web site very easily. We will send you signin credentials for the admin area and you should be able to commence putting in brand new pages right away. In case, at any time, you need guidance – the computer team members are on hand night and day, happy to guide you.

The Website Installer can be found with every cloud web hosting, VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and dedicated servers offer coming using the Thexyz Inc Control Panel.

A Website Installer For All

Create a brand–new site with no tech capabilities

The site installer links the gap among technically non–prepared end users and difficult site creation and design. While using the application, you will not have to have got any understanding in HTML or CSS. You’ll just need to select how your web site is going to look like and hit the Install button of the application. That’s it. Next, it’s possible to add new webpages and add your own pictures with simply a click of the mouse. No program code to create, no style to work on. It is all is taken care of by the easy–to–use application in the backend and is also conducted within minutes.

In the event that, for whatever reason, you aren’t content with what you have created, you can always reverse the modifications and start over.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Design Templates

Over 200 website templates can be found

We have designed more than 200 distinctive web themes that you can use to your websites. Because we haven’t ever made available these website templates outside of Thexyz Inc’s Control Panel, only Thexyz Inc’s users can easily make the most of them. The website templates are meticulously produced to suit many websites – from personal weblogs and portfolio websites to e–shops and image libraries.

We’re regularly focusing on launching unique themes also.

200+ Free Templates

24x7 Tech Support

Our web hosting representatives are at your convenience 24/7/365

Our tech support personnel is made up of experts who have worked quite a few years in the website hosting business. They’re qualified to cope with various difficulties and can be found 24/7, all set to help you. In addition, we’ve got Regularly Asked Questions and many training videos.

In addition, we provide you with a one–hour response time warranty, meaning you will definitely get a reply to your inquiry promptly. The average response time period is under 20 min’s.

24/7 Support